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Dr. Mullins traction machine has been a lifesaver. One morning in December 2021, I called in tears because I was suffering from horrible pain in my left shoulder and neck. After my adjustment Dr. Mullins put me on his Mi-Trac device. As soon as the machine started it felt AMAZING! I continued with an every-other-day regimine, then weekly, then bi-weekly, and now monthly. The pain I was experiencing eased tremendously after my very first treatment. This Machine works; it is comfortable and relaxing...so relaxing that I almost fall asleep during each treatment.

Terry Campbell

My patients are finding the modality to be beneficial. I find patients who present with chronic neck pain, recurrent headaches and pain into the arms and hands a compliment to the chiropractic adjustment. Dr's I highly recommend this machine for your office.

Alpharetta Back & Neck Center

Having known Dr. Stephen Mullins for 20+ years he contacted me about beta testing his Mi-Trac Cervical traction device. After seeing it in person and dtrying it out for myself I was impressed with the results. Having had a laminectomy of C5 in February 2021 the modality has been helpful personally. I use both long axis traction and now Mi-Trac which are different but both effective modalities. I am glad Dr. Mullins introduced this modality to me.

Jay Di Vagno

Since using traction, my neck doesn't need to be adjusted as often. I used to need an adjustment every 7-10 days, now it's only 2-3 weeks. I usually get immediate relief.


Before using the traction machine I constantly had neck pain that would cause severe headaches. I was so uncomfortable all the time and always felt pain in my neck and shoulders. we got me on a weekly schedule for adjustment and traction and it wasn't long before I felt relief! I always had so much tension in my shoulders and now all of that is gone! I truly believe the traction machine has made my quality of life so much better.

Jordan Howell

I've been going to Dr. Mullins for awhile, to help with severe headaches and neck pain. He spoke with me about a traction unit he felt would help. I am very happy that I tried it. I started at 1 time a week and could really tell a difference early on. I continue to get traction 1 to 2 times a month to keep my neck feeling better and my headaches at bay. When I get adjustments, he always comments about how much my neck has improved.
I recommend it highly and his staff is wonderful.


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